How big is Auburn Bay Lake?
Auburn Bay Lack is 43 acres.
How many parks are within Auburn Bay?
There are 17 district parks within Auburn Bay - every home is within 500 meters to a park. One of these parks is the South Calgary Dog Park.
How many schools are in Auburn Bay?
There are 2 schools within Auburn Bay - Auburn Bay School (Gr. K-4) & Prince of Peace School (Gr. K-9).
What is Auburn House?
Auburn House is Auburn Bay's private residents association.
What are the amenities at Auburn House?
Outdoor amenities at Auburn House include: 13-acre private beach and park space with pleasure skating and splash park, tot lot, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, toboggan hill, great lawn, picnic and BBQ spaces. Indoor amenities at Auburn House include: banquet facilities, gymnasium space, community programs and events throughout the year.
How many residents will call Auburn Bay home?
Auburn Bay will be home to approximately 17,000 residents.
When was Auburn Bay launched?
Auburn Bay was launched in 2005.
When will Auburn Bay be completed?
Auburn Bay will be fully built out by 2021/2022 - depending on market conditions. There are two projects remaining underway - A townhome/condo development by Brookfield Residential - Regatta and a condo project by Logel Homes - Auburn Rise.
Is there local shopping & retail?
There is local shopping & retail located on the northeast side of Auburn Bay. Additionally, the Seton Urban District is directly south of Auburn Bay.